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Follett Ebooks

Step 1: logging into Follett Digital Reader app
A. Download and install Follett Digital Reader from app store or GooglePlay.
    B. Launch mobile app
    C. Enter the FollettShelf URL:    D. Enter your username and password
         (your username and password is your student ID number, if you don't know it please ask your teacher or the librarian, Mrs. Waite)
    E. Tap log in
Step 2: Logging into FollettShelf
A. open a mobile browser enter this URL:    B. Add a bookmark or homescreen shortcut for this url.
    C. Enter your username and password:
    D. Tap log in
Step 3: Checkout an eBook
A. Navigate or Search to find the eBook you would like to read
    B. Tap on the small "I" in the corner to open the title details page
    C. Scroll to the bottom and tap "Checkout" and/or "Open"
    D. You may begin reading your eBook in the browser
        a. Internet connectivity is required to read the eBook
Step 4: Opening and reading an eBook
A. Navigate back to the Follett Digital Reader Mobile App
    B. Tap the cover to begine reading online
    C. Tap "Download" to download the title for offline reading

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