The Crown of Knowledge

Welcome to the Avalon Library..... This year Avalon has implemented a reading program to further assist our students in the area of Reading and Language Arts. The program is Accelerated Reader a computer based program. This is a comprehension building program each student is placed in levels according to their abilities, they then check out library books accordingly, when they have finished their book they then take a quiz related to that book. The passing of each quiz helps them to move up in levels.

The Avalon library is open at 7:00 am for the students to check in and out books, and also to take Accelerated Reading tests. Please remember they must be able to leave the library at 7:45 so they can line up and not be tardy. After school students may come to the library to check in/out books only.

Accelerated Reader

6 years ago

It's all about practice. AR encourages substantial differentiated reading practice to create strong readers. Based on each student's independent reading level, AR helps teachers set personalized goals for each student, and guide students to books difficult enough to keep them challenged, but not so difficult to cause frustration.

In addition, AR helps teachers monitor students' vocabulary growth, literacy skills development, and other reading skills.

  1. Determine reading level. First, a student’s optimal reading level is determined through the STAR Reading Enterprise assessment. This assessment provides information on a student’s overall reading ability and suggests a range of book levels for each student called the “zone of proximal development”, or ZPD. An entire class can be screened in approximately 15 minutes.
  2. Set practice goals. Teachers then meet with each student to set three individualized reading practice goals based on reading quantity, quality, and difficulty and monitor progress toward those goals.
  3. Personalize practice. Personalized reading practice means students read books of interest at their own reading level. AR BookFinder makes it easy to find the perfect book.
  4. Students take an AR Quiz. AR offers more than 150,000 quizzes of five types on both fiction and nonfiction titles. Students have many different options for taking AR Quizzes, including laptops, PCs, tablets, and NEO 2s, as well as through the AR Student App available on Apple® devices.
  5. Receive instant feedback. AR provides teachers with immediate information, helping them monitor the comprehension skills of each student and inform further instruction or intervention. Students and parents get instant feedback to help motivate success with the use of the TOPS Report and Renaissance Home Connect.

How to Check out Follett E-Books Here

4 years ago

Step 1: logging into Follett Digital Reader app
A. Download and install Follett Digital Reader from app store or GooglePlay.
    B. Launch mobile app
    C. Enter the FollettShelf URL:    D. Enter your username and password
         (your username and password is your student ID number, if you don't know it please ask your teacher or the librarian, Mrs. Waite)
    E. Tap log in
Step 2: Logging into FollettShelf
A. open a mobile browser enter this URL:    B. Add a bookmark or homescreen shortcut for this url.
    C. Enter your username and password:
    D. Tap log in
Step 3: Checkout an eBook
A. Navigate or Search to find the eBook you would like to read
    B. Tap on the small "I" in the corner to open the title details page
    C. Scroll to the bottom and tap "Checkout" and/or "Open"
    D. You may begin reading your eBook in the browser
        a. Internet connectivity is required to read the eBook
Step 4: Opening and reading an eBook
A. Navigate back to the Follett Digital Reader Mobile App
    B. Tap the cover to begine reading online
    C. Tap "Download" to download the title for offline reading

Search for a book from our Avalon library
  1. Click on: http://destiny
  2. Click on Avalon Elementary School
  3. Click on the tab "Catalog"
  4. Type in what you are looking for by keyword, Title, Author, Subject or Series.
  5. Depending which you are looking for, click on the appropriate tab.
  6. If you would like to use our "Destiny Quest" just click on the link on left hand side.