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about 1 year ago

By Amy Clayton

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Here Are the WORDS For Each Week

Make sure your child practices them daily. You may give a spelling test to see how he or she does. I will give 4 more words that are in the same phonics pattern we are studying as well as a dictation sentence with this word pattern and some basic high-frequency words. I am looking to see if your child can spell, capitalize, and punctuate correctly. It is also very good if the writing is legible.  :)


WEEK ELEVEN October 29th 

Phonics pattern: Three letter blends  thr, shr, scr

shred       three       scrub
      shrink      throw      scratch

WEEK TEN October 22nd  

Phonics pattern:consonant digraphs: ch, _tch, sh, ph, th, -ng

chop       phone      thin
bring      catch        shape

WEEK NINE October 15th  

Phonics pattern: soft c and g  makes an 's' sound when followed by an 'e', 

and g makes a 'j' sound when followed by an 'e'.

gem        germ        good
face         cent         cool


WEEK EIGHT October 9th  

Phonics pattern: soft c and g  makes an 's' sound when followed by an 'e', 

and g makes a 'j' sound when followed by an 'e'.

ice       place         twice       
age      range       stage

WEEK SEVEN October 1st  

Phonics pattern: cvc and cvce words with vowel=u 

hug        plum       cut        
huge      plume     cute

WEEK SIX September 24th  

Phonics pattern: cvc and cvce words with vowel=o 

box        lock       dog        
rope      home    nose

WEEK FIVE September 17th  

Phonics pattern: cvc and cvce words with vowel=i 

fin           pick       did       
fine         hike       side         

WEEK FOUR September 10th

Phonics pattern: cvc and cvce words with vowel=a

cap               mad             rat
cape            made           rate

WEEK THREE September 5th

Phonics pattern: consonant blends with r and l

trip               crack             clap
plan              milk               belt

WEEK TWO August 27th   

Phonics pattern: short e, o, and u

best                 cost                    must
them                chomp              luck


WEEK ONE August 20th

Phonics pattern: short e, o, and u

has                   bath                   sack

is                       with                   pick



about 1 year ago

Homework Bottom Line 

From Monday-Thursday, all students will:

  • Practice spelling words
  • Read and reread for 25 minutes from a:
    • Book
      • fiction
      • nofiction
    • Newspaper
    • Bible/Quran or other religious writings
    • Comic Book or Graphic Novel
    • Backs of food packages
    • Letters 
    • Lists
  • Do 30 minutes of Istation
    • Reading on Mondsy, Tuesday, and Wednesday
    • Math on Thursday

Homework: Does it Help Students Learn?

Or rather, what does it help them learn?

By Amy Clayton

What did you learn from your homework when you were a student? 

When I ask myself that question I find that homework was the worst part of school for me. I would rather have been riding my bike or reading a Nancy Drew mystery. I learned that I had to make my work look good enough so that I could do what I wanted to do without my parents or teachers getting upset with me.

Now, as a teacher, I know that practice and review is important. I know that offering extra time to improve projects and writing is beneficial. Most importantly, I know that playing, doing chores, being a member of an after-school sports team, a church group,  the Scouts, or a performance group, and helping neighbors are absolutely essential to being a healthy and well-rounded person. Our community offers so many learning opportunities! The Perris garden, library, Orange Empire Railway Museum...and just 12 miles away Riverside rocks with its monthly free activities at its museums on First Sundays.

I believe that parents can make good decisions about what is best for their children. If you believe your child needs more homework you can ask them to show you what they learned at school. Look at their Language Arts notebook and check out the work they bring home. Have fun with them by taking them to the library, a museum, a game. Talk with them about your childhood, share your experiences with them. 

Let's not teach children to hate learning! Let's share our interests and stories, and make new memories with them. That's what learning is all about!

100 Mile Club

about 1 year ago

By Amy Clayton

100 Mile Club

Students are running! The 1st 2 weeks we ran Clayton's Cool Crew's combined mileage was 62.5 miles!!! Wow! And that was just during our school time!

Now the program is truly underway. Here's the schedule:

For before and after school running all children must have their 100 Mile Club scan cards.

Wednesday 7 AM -7:20 AM (unless it is raining)

Tuesday and Thursday: 2:10-2:40 PM Pick up your child at the front gate.