Avalon Elementary School has been recognized by the State of California as a Distinguished School, Title 1 Academic Achievement School and a Gold Ribbon School in 2016. Our teachers and staff work hard and set high expectations for all of our students.

We appreciate so much, the efforts of our staff and students.The support of the parents in their children's learning has certainly been an important factor. Many thanks go to them. We also appreciate the support we receive from many of our business partners in the community. Together we make a great team! Each year Avalon will continue to strive for growth and work towards the goals we have set for ourselves.

We teach our students the importance of setting goals and always looking toward the future. Our students are excited about learning and making positive choices that will lead them to success in their homes, school and community. This year Avalon is an AVID Elementary School preparing students to be college and career ready through 21st century learning. Our students will be "Future Ready".

"Avalon Falcons on a Quest for Knowledge to Attend College"